Paul Trygstad

Paul K. Trygstad, BSME

President & Managing Member

B.S. Mechanical Engineer from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City South Dakota class of 1984 with over 30 years in the power industry.

Paul Trygstad, President and Managing Member of West Peak Energy, LLC, has 35 years of experience work-ing in the energy industry. Mr. Trygstad has 20 years of experience working in the Electric Utility Industry for power companies with positions ranging from plant engineer, supervisor, manager to executive. Since 2000, Paul has worked for engineering consulting firms as well as electric utilities.

Current role at West Peak Energy, LLC (“WPE”) includes member manager and support the company with consulting services. WPE supports the energy industry with Construction Management, Executive Consulting, Owners Engineering, Independent Engineering, Technical Advisory Services, O&M engineering sup¬port, new power plant siting studies and construction for domestic and international clients.

Mr. Trygstad has supported both thermal energy and renewable energy projects (solar, wind and alternative energy). Consulting engineering has included trusted advisory skills for lenders, project sponsors, large and small scale studies, design analysis, technical review and Client support. Significant responsibilities in Project Management has included successful completion of peaking power projects under budget and ahead of schedule in New Mexico, Iowa and Colorado. Other Independent Engineering and Owners Engineering projects have included over 100 clients since 2000 in the U.S., Philippines and Indonesia.

Project experience includes project management, owners engineering and independent engineering. Director and Project Manager for several new power plant projects (completed and constructed). As a utility engineer and manager Mr. Trygstad has significant operations and maintenance experience, including involvement in over 34 power plant outages during his career, 12 of which included major turbine repair outages with primary responsibilities. His role as a turbine engineer, utility engineer and management team member has included participation in well over 100 startups of fossil fired generating stations, most of which include large base loaded units.

Recent Power Projects of Interest

West Peak Energy, LLC:
  • 110 MW Wind/Gas Project – Western U.S.

    Supporting a confidential client in with development consulting associated with the first of a kind conventional Gas and Wind project.

  • 120 MW Gas Generation Project – Northeast U.S.

    Supporting a confidential client in with development consulting associated with the first of a kind conventional Gas and Wind project.

  • Coal Plant Demolition and Decommissioning

    2013/2014 Confidential Client – Project Manager for “Coal Plant D&D assessment and estimate”.

  • Wastewater Treatment Projects – Bakken and Permian

    Wastewater treatment, saline, and brine concentrator projects for hydraulic fracturing oil and gas production fields.

  • Independent Engineering – Due Diligence

    Confidential Clients in Colorado and California. Completed technical engineering reports as a sub-consultant with two other engineering consulting firms.

  • Solar Energy Consultant

    Supporting large utility confidential client as needed for project and site development work.

  • Consulting Engineer – Sub-Consultant

    Role is a Consulting Engineer for several large consulting firms.

  • Alternative Energy – Waste-To-Energy Fuel Supplier

    Consultant providing Technical Support to a manufacturer of process fuel systems and working with clients interested in landfill related projects.

  • Mid-Stream Gas Solutions

    Working on gas supply agreements joining power industry clients with gas supply clients.

Prior Experience, 2013-2014
  • Solar Plant Commissioning

    Contract completion support for start-up of two 20 MW Solar PV Projects for Sun Edison in California (Orion and Adobe). Consulting work included a team of three including an attorney to review key agreements and contractual requirements needed for COD and certification.

  • Thermoelectric Manufacturing Start-up and Analysis

    Worked with confidential client to develop state-of-the-art products to be used in several industries.

  • Hydroelectric Power

    Worked on hydroelectric proposals assembling teams for potential projects. Originator for Tetra Tech involvement with Missouri River Red Rocks Hydroelectric Project, Technical Assessment was awarded to Tetra Tech through prime contractor. Several mining power projects were also proposed on.

  • Guyana South America Toroparu Mine Power Plant

    Leading effort to provide electrical power to large gold mine in Guyana South America. This project is currently in the pre-construction phase and is expected to move forward.

  • Power, Mining, and Oil & Gas Projects

    Supported numerous proposed off-grid mining power plant projects for the Global Mining Group. These projects include a variety of technologies and fuels. Have introduced micro-grid technologies and several advanced solutions.

  • Bio-Digester Projects

    Originator and concept engineer of several bio-digester projects that were taken by Tetra Tech.

  • Natural Gas Peaking and Combined Cycle Plants

    Worked in the development stage on a number of new natural gas simple cycle and combined cycle opportunities in the western U.S.

Notable Projects in Operation or Completed Construction Projects

  • Black Hills Pueblo Colorado Airport Project

    Project Director from 2008 – 2009 responsible for the siting study and project planning associated with the Colorado Electric Power Generation Supply in Eastern Colorado. The project included 500 MW of natural Gas Peaking and combined cycle capability using GE LM-6000 and GE LMS-100 combustion turbine technology. The project site selected was the Pueblo Airport Site. Two other sites include complete transmission interconnections, property agreements, water agreement and air permits. Responsible for the development team leadership many of which came from my previous contacts and experience. The siting process also included design engineering, and all aspects of project development. The Airport Project is partial complete and expected to be fully complete by year end 2012.

  • Valencia Power Project

    Project Director from 2006 – 2008 for the 150 MW GE 7FA simple cycle power project in Belen, NM, Public Service of New Mexico under a PPA. This was a “new” grey market gas turbine. Assisted with the PPA development and direct responsibility included complete oversight of project as approved by BHC Board of Directors in 2007. Substantial design engineering involvement with TAS inlet chiller system and overall project design. Construction completed in eleven months ahead of schedule and under budget. The project was “TIC Project of the Year” and sold to an investor after commercial operation.

  • Exira Project, Missouri River Energy Service “MRES”

    Project Manager for the Missouri River Energy Systems (MRES) Peaking Projects in Exira, Iowa from 2002 – 2006. The initial project consisted of two GE LM-6000 gas turbines and the third was added as a second construction project in 2005. All of these were grey market “new” gas turbines offering client considerable savings. These projects included three GE simple cycle LM-6000 combustion turbines constructed in two different phases. Initial role was the siting study and coordination of initial project design and equipment selection. Completed several other MRES consulting engineering studies leading up to the Exira Project. Continued role as Consulting Project Manager coordinating efforts from R.W. Beck Inc. during engineering and construction phase.

  • Other Gas Turbine Peaking Projects

    Beginning in 2000 supported (as described above) several of the Calpine Energy Peaking Project during the California Energy Crisis approved as emergency order by Gray Davis, Governor of California. Projects for Harris Group Inc. included Gilroy, King City, Vero Beach, and Greenleaf II sites. Design efforts were used as “model” designs for numerous other projects. Continued to support several other peaking and combined cycle projects at R.W. Beck Inc.

Notable Projects Not Currently in Operation or Construction – Partial List

  • United States Virgin Islands Waste-to-Energy Project (2009 – 2011)

    Since employment at Alpine Energy Group in 2009 have been responsible for all engineering and construction efforts associated with the planned 25 MW power plant on St. Croix USVI including fuel pellet plants on St. Thomas and St. Croix. This technology is the first conventional power plant to use WastAway sterilized and pathogen free fuel pellets. The project is currently waiting on final USVI governmental approvals.

  • DOE/Battelle/B&W/Black Hills Oxy-Fuel Power Plant Project

    In 2008 – 2009 Black Hills participated in a Department of Energy (DOE) Oxy-Fuel Power Plant Project that was a 150 MW fully CO2 sequestered “near zero emissions” Coal-Fired Power Plant Project in Gillette, WY. This Project was proposed by Babcock & Wilcox, Battelle, and Air Liquide Companies. Role included named Project Manager for the proposed project and complete coordination of the DOE application for funding grants under FutureGen and Clean Coal Power Initiative 3 (CCPI3). This project was not funded.

  • One Vision Park 2005

    Renewable Energy Park, Proposed Biomass, Natural Gas Peaking, and Naval Deep Water Shipping Port in Solano County,CA.This project included a technology assessment and development package for the Owner of a 3000 acre parcel of property in the San Francisco Bay area. This project has changed ownership and has not expanded beyond the wind generation.

Owner’s and Independent Engineering Projects – Partial List

  • Owners Engineering Services

    Supporting a coal-fired power plant retrofit project as mechanical engineer and operations specialist. The project consists of emissions related upgrades including a new scrubber, baghouse, mercury control and other plant upgrades.

  • Owners Engineering Services

    Supporting the development activites associated with a large coal-fired power plant in Arkansas along the Mississippi river. The project consists of two 550 MW PC-fired units burning PRB coal.

  • Due Diligence

    Participated as a lead coal power plant technical consultant for due diligence of a portion of 1100 MW of coal fired power plant assets (2 units) in the Southwestern United States, February 2004. This work included analysis of the PRB fuel supply transportation cost to the site.

  • Independent Consulting and Owners Engineering Services

    Wayne White new coal-fired power plant conceptual design; Project Engineer

  • Independent Engineering Budget and Annual Review

    Sunnyside Power Plant, Price Utah Independent Engineering

  • Northhampton Power Plant Pennsylvania

    Independent Engineering Budget and Annual Review – Rosebud Power Plant Montana

  • Power Plant Services – Accelerated Cooldown of Steam Turbines

    Mr. Trygstad is a co-inventor of a U.S patent for the accelerated cooldown of steam turbines filed by BJ Process and Pipeline Service company. R.W. Beck Inc. and BJ Process Company have an alliance agreement associated with this new technology and are currently involved with project planning across the U.S. Other project work includes EHC Flushing projects, EHC Flushing Technology and power plant maintenance technology.

  • Power Plant Services

    Lafayette Utilities Services; Lafayette, Louisiana; re-design of Unit 1 boiler feed water recirculation; technical specifications for cooling tower screen hoist, condensate pump base plate, front security gate, new DC generator Black Plant System, FD Fan coupling and other plant projects.

  • Power Plant Services

    PacifiCorp Huntington Power Plant, Huntington, Utah; technical specifications for turbine pump replacement, EHC system refurbishment, EHC system filtration upgrade and turbine EHC System Flow

  • Power Plant Services

    Laramie River Station Plant Services Basin Electric Power Company; conducted a reheat line isolation study

  • Power Plant Services

    BJ Process & Pipeline Service; conducted a Turbine Cooling Study and EHC System Flushing

  • Independent Engineering (Financial Consulting Engineering to Lenders)

    Quezon Power Project Export-Import Bank of the United States and Union Bank of Switzerland; Quezon Province, Philippines; 440-MW coal-fired electric generation facility and 230 kV high-voltage transmission line project. In addition to standard Independent Engineering Services, this project currently includes extensive O&M auditing and support for the United States Export-Import Bank in Washington D.C in 2003 and 2004. The O&M audit evaluations have included several trips to Mauban Quezon Province, Philippines and substantial efforts associated with the power agreements for the project.

  • Independent Engineering

    Sunnyside Project Environmental Power Corporation; Sunnyside, Utah; 46-MW GOB-fired facility, utilizing a circulating fluidized bed boiler

  • Independent Engineering

    Kincaid Project Dominion Energy; Kincaid, Illinois; 1,100-MW cyclone boiler-fired power generating facility. Mr. Trygstad wasproject manager for annual Phase IV O&M reviews at the Kincaid Power Plant.

  • Independent Engineering Bang Bo Power Project

    Banque Paribas, The Tokai Bank Ltd., Citicorp International Ltd. and Banque Nationale de Paris (the Arrangers), Eastern Power and Electric Company Limited (EPEC); Thailand; 350-MW power facility with ABB GT24/26 technology

  • Independent Engineering – Rosebud Energy Project

    Montana One Partners and Credit Suisse; Colstrip, Montana; 45-MW waste coal-fueled, circulating fluidized bed power plant

  • Independent Engineering – Northampton Energy Project

    Adam Brothers Contingency, Ltd. and ABN/AMRO Bank; Borough Northampton, Pennsylvania; waste anthracite coal-fired 98-MW facility utilizing a circulating fluidized bed boiler.

Expert Testimony Work – Expert support for Generator Failure litigation

  • Expert Testimony Work

    Expert support for large multiple unit regulatory coal-fired power plant fuel and design dispute – did not testify, the case was settled out of court. The support work included a substantial amount of analysis regarding PRB coal blending with eastern coal for a large region of the U.S. The work also included analysis of the suitability and remaining life for boilers switching to PRB coal that were originally designed for eastern coal.

  • Expert Testimony Work

    Expert support for boiler insulation design – did not testify, the case was settled out of court