About West Peak Energy

West Peak Energy, LLC (WPE) is a technical advisor and engineering consulting firm that serves clients within a broad spectrum of energy related markets. WPE consultants utilize their depth of knowledge and breadth of expertise in power generation, transmission and distribution to meet customer needs in the electric power, oil & gas, manufacturing and mining industries. Our experienced and skilled team provides WPE clients with superior engineering, consulting, project management and construction management services on projects of all sizes and complexity. Since its inception, WPE has developed a history of satisfying clients by responding to their requests, resolving their issues and completing their successful projects under-budget and on-schedule.

West Peak Energy was founded in 2014 as the solution for individuals and companies trying to meet their power consumption demands. We are a team of nuts-and-bolts engineers and consultants who team together to create integrated, multidiscipline solutions. We team up with clients as an extension of their staff to give them outstanding service and strong lines of communication to meet their exact needs.

Experience you can trust.

West Peak Energy’s number one goal is to provide clients with trusted consulting services. This goes beyond the projects; we build relationships with our clients that allows us to best suit their needs with strong lines of communication, using local talent, and working as an extension of our client’s staff. We stand behind our slogan of “Experience You can Trust” because our clients’ needs is the motivation that fuels our company; and we have the experience to get there.


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